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WOW--- I cant believe we waited this long for the update LOL,, well a little has changed for papa and his clan lately im working at a News Studio doing Photojounalist work. That means alot of new stuff, as well as still being with the 124th VI unit out of Gowen Field Idaho. I have so many new photos to post and frankly havent kept up real well. Gonna need lots of new catagories and will have ALOT to add to the ones we already have up. gonna try and work on this daily until we catch up so bear with us! .

Feel free to download any of them for your own use, however I would appreciate it if we try to ovoid direct links to them as I do have limited bandwidth.For WEBTV users who wish to download any jpg's click here ----> Star Boulevard Transload Service! and follow the instructions attached! Enjoy!

The page is small now, I have limited time to transload etc. but it will grow! Look for future pics of.. TANKS..Ah64 Apaches, Army Infantry, SP's, and lots of other great pics! I do hope you come back!

Click the description below to see the pic and use it to transload/download them to your site, Emails, or whatever! I would really apprecaite it if you could drop me an E-mail saying where I could view your use of the pics, I would just really like to see the creative things people come up with! Thanks!

The apache Helicopter pics, should be lots of them real soon!

ah64-1 apache1 apache2

The A-10 Thunderbolt tankbuster, your gonna find alot of these pics soon!

a10-1 a10-2 a10-3

a10-h-2 a10-h a10-E a10-flt

Photos of the F-14 tomcat

f142 f143 f144 f145

Mischelaneous Jet Phtographs!


Who could leave out pics of that wonderfull, loveable Hurkey Bird!

c130 c130-2 c130-3 c130-cp c130-I

This is going to be filled with pictures of personel working, and some infantry type personel!

mech arctic4

Pictures of that loveable Huey!

huey1 huey2 huey3 huey4 hueybell

Miscellaneous choppers!

cobra1 cobra2 cobra3 nchpr bell3 bell4 dtank nchpr

Pics of tanks etc...

sherman1 sherman4 dtank dtank2 tiger1 tiger2 tank1 m601

Various ranks, badges, unit crest!


I Realise this is slim pickins for now, but very soon we will be adding phtos like mad! We do hope you will come back soon to see what we can offer you!

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